2015 NorCal Poppy Series: 7 Must Play Tournaments

This year’s Poppy Series, one of only two all-women tournament series in the country kicks off Mother’s Day weekend with the first tournament of the 2015 lineup. The Daisy Chains tournament in Watsonville is already sold out but you can always join as a spectator. The event promises some spectacular disc golf with the open division carrying the largest number of players. Catrina Allen, Jessica Weese, Paige Pierce, Sarah Hokom & Valerie Jenkins are only 5 of the 25 registered. Capped at 80 players this event will be amazing to play in or watch!

View photos from last year’s Daisy Chains HERE.

Interested in playing in one of the remaining six events? Follow the NorCal Poppy Series on Facebook for more information.

May 9/10 – Daisy Chains – Watsonville, CA
May 30 – Country Classic – Stockton, CA
June 13 – June Bugs – Lodi, CA
July 18 – Hot Mamas – Chico, CA
August 1 – Super Charlie’s Angels – Somerset, CA
September 12 – Mama Bears – Truckee, CA
October 3/4 – Monarch Migration – Sacramento, CA

‘Plastic matters’ in tackling disc golf

dgg-5By Joshua Trudell, For the Express-News

Mark Twain is said to have called golf, “a good walk spoiled.”

If he had played disc golf, he might have enjoyed the walk more.

Investigating these courses of metal baskets around several area parks, I played with members of the Live Oak Disc Golf Alliance to find the attraction of the game.

Disc golf and regular golf have some similarities — start from a tee, aim at a goal, fewest throws (or strokes) wins. People can invest hundreds of dollars in equipment and accessories, too.

On the tee, in front of four experienced players, trying desperately to remember lessons from junior high gym class, I reached back and threw my first disc in about 20 years.

To no one’s surprise, least of all mine, my first throw flew about 50 feet before wheeling over and nose-diving into the turf. Meanwhile, the others in my group easily sent their discs flying around 300 feet.

As a new golfer, I didn’t have any discs of my own. The group, however, welcomed me by letting me borrow a set, which they offer to all newcomers.

“Plastic matters,” said Laura Karshis, noting that beginners can get a whole set for $30, but some single discs can cost up to $100.

There are three basic types of discs used. The driver usually has sharper edges, with very little lip in order to cut through any wind.

Midrange discs have more lip and are heavier, for more control. Putters have the biggest lip and are the heaviest for the most control.

Despite how much control each disc is alleged to have, it’s all how you throw it. As a right-hander, I need to aim slightly to the right of the basket, so the disc will hit the pole and spin in.

My playing partners helped me out, explaining that throwing flat and fast would have the best effect.

By the time I reach the second hole, I’ve learned enough of the basics to make a decent throw from the tee, and from there I salvage bogey on three straight holes.

The flat and fast method worked for most players, but some added something extra.


Ladies Excel at Disc Golf

by Michelle Schaefer (LompocRecord.com) – March 12, 2013

Kudos to Autumn Long for putting together Lompoc’s first Women’s Disc Golf Tournament at Beattie Park.

On a breezy Sunday, ladies of all ages got together to learn and play disc golf. A few of the ladies were out for their second time only and already making bogies. The atmosphere was fun, relaxed and supportive.

Peter Schaefer gave disc-throwing pointers to the group and taught technicalities of tournament play. This was my first time playing with women only and my first tournament. It was helpful to see ladies do indeed need to focus differently than the guys due to differences in body mechanics. Because of these differences women’s drives often don’t go as far as the men’s when first learning, which can be intimidating. Although, women can get the distance throws by using their more powerful lower body strength and focusing on technique. Throwing true and aligned, for us, was much more important than throwing more powerfully, especially in the high winds. (FULL STORY)

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